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What is On the Cover of “THE SON OF THE HOUSE”

Dear book lovers of all kinds, we are excited to talk about a new book out from Penguin South Africa. As you all know, one of our major interests at BLACK BOY REVIEW is reviewing and analyzing African book cover designs.
So, we will tell you what we see on the cover of THE SON OF THE HOUSE by Cheluchi Onyemelukwe Onuobia.
Like other of our past analysis, we are judging by:
1. Cover feel and texture 2. Text design 3. Art 4. Layout balance 5. Color Combination 6. Weather resilience 7. Ease of ownership and carriage.
1. Cover feel and texture: Matte. There is a mat design as the background theme.
2. Text design: Red color and threaded. The title is a collection of dots forming texts.
3. Art : The woman with a bowl of yellow car and a sewing machine and cock on her head reminds us of art. He is in a full African attire, and a real African cock. We would have loved an African friendly sewing machine  like “singer”. But this is not bad. It put on it, a mix of local and international. The wrapper on the…
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You can often find her bent over her laptop working on her books, or with her nose in a sketchpad coming up with new clothing designs for her fashion line.
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I have just finished reading TRAVELERS from the ONEREAD app by STERLING BANK and I feel one of the most important highlights for me was the representation of numerous themes explored in the novel. That  also made me connect well too.There is also the part that TRAVELERS is actually a book that has a “well-traveled” setting. Did your experiences influence the writing of TRAVELERS?Yes, it did. We always write from our experiences, in one way or another, and I guess some more than others. I did meet people like the characters represented in Travelers, most of them in Berlin and Switzerland. A lot of the story is based on the interviews I had with these migrants. Like you said, the setting is also important. This is my first book set entirely outside Nigeria, I had to be careful not to misrepresent other cultures and people.There is also some magic that comes with the entire descriptive style. Everything was simplified in a way we all feel what we have never seen before. I understand this…

Aviara was Inspired by My Journey Through Ill Health - Othuke Ominiabohs

Othuke is a writer, poet and dramatist. A graduate of Computer Science from the University of Benin, Nigeria, he writes, dredging from experiences and influences from the land of his birth.To his name is Odufa, a play that got him shortlisted for the Wole Soyinka prize for Literature. Odufa: A Lover’s Tale, his first novel, also got shortlisted for the Association of Nigerian Author’s Prize for Prose Fiction and the Grand Prix of Literary Associations in Cameroun. He is the author of the acclaimed novel, A Conspiracy of Ravens. Aviara: Who Will Remember You is his third and latest novel.I have just finished reading AVIARA and all I could feel was going to visit AVIARA, at least to feel more of the characters that came from there. That's apart. How long did it take you to write AVIARA?Aviara took 4 years of writing. I actually conceived the idea and began writing in late 2015. Was there a reason you had two books in one ? Instead of making 2 different books? I honestly have no idea w…

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1. It was my third time applying to the creative writing workshop. I had sent in a strong story but when I didn't get a mail soon, I tried to focus on other things. Then a success mail came, and it felt great.It was surreal having her sit right in front of me, talking about a craft we all are so invested in. I didn't hear a word of what she said the first day. I just stared and stared at her. I didn't know how to feel. Though she was playful and tried to make everyone feel relaxed and free, I remained awestruck till the end.2. We had three facilitators. Each one brought with them new lessons in writing. Show and tell was made clearer for me, and as well as the point of view shifts. I also learned to write in voices, considering especially the character. I learned how to tell a story with dialogue, the melodrama and clichés in story telling.3. I made new connections from the class, and we inspire one another. Chimamanda's persona also inspired me beyond words. Though sh…

Interview: Boys are Also Trafficked for Many Other Reasons - Sylva Nze Ifedigbo

Photo by Dirk Skiba Book Cover Design ConceptCover design was by visual artist Fred Martins, the design interprets the book title. It’s a floating balloon of a head, pulling of from the rest of the body.
This conversation is really coming late, but it's always better late than never. Reading MY MIND IS NO LONGER HERE was a form of reading about men, reading through, from the eyes of men and what men really feel they need. We would like to know your intentions towards writing a book that wanted to talk about men and the kind of lives that are mostly associated with men.Yes, indeed this conversation has been a long time coming. I am glad we are finally able to do this and I must thank you for the time and the platform. You’ve started off with a very interesting question. I will like to start by stating from the outset that the first inspiration to write this book was a newspaper headline. Sometime circa 2011 I read a story in the metro section of one of Nigeria’s top dailies about a s…