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THE BEAMERS by Chris Tilewa

from the diary of a rural boy.

The sun could fry a stray fingerling. We felt the burning soil under
our bare feet but that can't stop us now, no, not this 'one' time. We
had gone through a lot together; through wet and dry, cold and hot,
thick and thin.

Days which, after a brief rain, we take trips into any
of the close-by bushes we choose, hunting for snails. Babatunde,
clutching the hunted unfortunate snails that fall on our path in a
black polythene bag with a certain pride that makes being a custodian
endearing to the rest of the boys. And though we trust him to make
sure our harvest did not elope into a haze, as Tolulope and I make
deeper search, we steal quick, frequent glance at Babatunde and
ofcourse, the polythene. Yet this will be only a fraction of our
numerous adventures, only a fleeting episode. And we wouldn't trade
them, not even for video games at Chika's father's lush living room
nor Korede's new leather ball which he wouldn't allow you play until

LUST by Solomon Elusoji

I closed the door behind me. The room was swelteringly hot, and my eyes  were not adjusting well to the darkness. I groped for the light switch. I found it. But the bulbs disobeyed. What was happening again? I had just seen  light in the passage just now. I opened the door again, and the passage was now a tunnel of darkness. I cursed NEPA under my breath, and jammed back the  door. My day had been hell. I had attended a five hours lecture where the  lecturer dictated notes, and you had to write until blisters formed on your  palm, like a farmer working arduously with a cutlass. My project supervisor  had ripped off the whole of my thesis, and ordered me to choose another  topic because I had argued with him about the definition of communication as given by Mc Quail. And I had had nothing to eat all day, except some  groundnuts I bullied out from Ugo during our marathon note-copying. I  slumped on the only chair in the room, my eyes gazing blankly into the dour  room.

The bed was befor…



It is very stupid of you that you have formed the habit of condemning
churches and people’s beliefs. This is not the first time you are
condemning a church or people to hell, you once said famous preacher
and philanthropist, Prophet T.B. Joshua is the son of the devil and
his followers will go straight to hell. Now you have condemned
Catholics too. I may not be a staunch catholic faithful, but I was
raised and brought up in a catholic way and I don’t think I will allow
my belief to be trampled by cowards like you. It is quite unfortunate
that people in your church still have much confidence in you after you
must have divorced and got married for the second time.

Firstly  I am seeing you as a fool for saying all Catholics will go to
hell. I still don’t understand why we will go to hell, because to me
your opinion is baseless.  You said Catholics eat bread every Sunday
and crucify Christ every Sunday. Please R…


You love Nigeria, I know that you are
now smiling due to this love. It is this
the same smile you smiled when that
governor came to your village.It was
almost the same with your laughter and
shout when the President came to your
state. You, just like many others from
your village told the governor that he
was trying. He was trying because he
gave keke to the youths in the
community. The President was trying
because he commissioned a re-painted
airport and tagged it international. Your
child is home for close to 5 months due
to a strike but that is a little case
because of the money that was given to
the women by the governor and you are
your community women leader.
You love this Nigeria that is almost
synonymous with corruption. You tell
your friends that at least we are better
than some African countries. You said
that we are not Americans or Europeans
but when your elder brother got visa to
Europe, you shamelessly danced in the
church during the Thanksgiving. You
and your family gave Th…