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THE STORY OF SLEEP by Yvonne Onyinye.

Let me tell you a story
Of sleeping pills
And nightmares.
Falling asleep, I fear,
Isn't that a form of death?
Dreams, I fear more,
Isn't that some kind of magic?
Waking up without an idea
Of the walls you walked across,
The seas you walked on,
That I fear most.
Sleeping pills cure my pain
And put my sober mind to sleep.
Intoxicated spirits and__
Sexually perveted souls
Are laid to rest,
just a pop of a pill does the trick.
It's never over I tell you.
In a self-permitted death,
You lay unconscious
And walk through cities,
Cities without clocks,
Mirrors without reflections.
And erected treasure houses,
That hold your deepest secrets.
But the cock's crow__
Brings you back to life.
"Oh it was a nightmare", you say
Sleeping pills never chase them away.

You can reach the poet on Facebook with Yvonne Onyinye.

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A DIFFERENT SILENCE by Madu Chisom Kingdavid

We were sitting on the terrazzo floor of our balcony when her scream came from the kitchen. Her sream, petrified
cry got our veins pregnant of disdain.This time around it was piercing. Immediately, we heard the long-echoing sound of fallen stainless tray. It instilled multitude of awe into our veins.
''This Woman again! What has she done to her at this dead of the night?'' Ezinne murmured.
Her face was wrinkled with bitterness, bitterness wrinkled her face. She rushed to Mama Ngozi's house -- a three
bedroom flat sharing the same fence with ours. To tell her that Mama had started playing the role of the beast on Amaka again. I don't think she would come, for Mama had rained insult on her yesterday when she
came to rescue Amaka from mama's beating. Mama told her never to interfere with her family issues again. Two: that it was her badluck that made her husband to have a
road accident a year after their wedding. Three: that those who are women enough do give …