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AT THE GATE: LIFE AND LIVING by Chijioke Ngobili

Let’s call him Rabman. For more than a year now, I have come to know Rabman. He hails from the South-southern Nigeria. He’s been serving as a steward in a particular institution I visit often for one thing or the other. Rabman would routinely stay at the gate and guard his employers from 6pm till 8am the next day before he’s replaced. He looks boyish but he’s a man. His voice is feminine: a mixture of alto and vibrato which makes you turn around to see his face when you’ve not heard him speak before. He’s dark and has a gentle miĆ©n. He’s slim and not very tall. It was this slim and not very tall frame that the red-eyed security men saw in front of me one night and kept their cool before yelling out: “Is that Rabman?” The “Yes” that came after the question was what doused the tension that night. It was this Rabman’s “Yes” that saved me from telling long stories.
That night, I could have been shot by the red-eyed security men. They had been ordered to shoot at anything that moves around…


Okay; The Diary of a Stupid Boyfriend have been making some noise in the Nigerian literary community. The joy is to get a copy for yourself. The BlackBoy Review team tagged it the most demanding self published book by a hardworking Nigerian writer. The author; Bura Bari Nwilo doesn't wait for you to come for the book; He looks for you and hands the book to you. When our team saw the book; we thought it was the boring kind of diary; but my people; no, It wasn't. The Diary of a Stupid Boyfriend will keep you at a place until you skip your meals; because those lines are things better than meals. Bura Bari Nwilo is a creator of words that make you throw up your legs while laughing. He is actually studying English in University of Nigeria. Chimee Adioha of Black Boy Review conducted this flash interview with him last week.

BBR: Did your childhood affect your writing in any way.

BURA BARI: Yes, it did a great deal. I am still growing and what I confront and the things that confront me…