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Nigerian Youths Are Behind by Anozie Chibuike

When we talk about youths, most people don’t seem to understand what the word “Youth" means, mostly in Nigeria.  Well from the oxford dictionary, the word youth means “period between childhood and adult age”. This simply means if you are below the age of 35 you should consider yourself a youth but here in Nigeria we see a man in his late 40s and early 50s posing as a youth leader.
These men who parade themselves as youth leaders are nothing but hungry men who are struggling to feed their families. Men who are not creative in any way that choose to present themselves as youth leaders just to cover their arse and make people think they are responsible. These groups of men are being sent out there to represent young men and women whose future are bright, who needs the attention of the government in order to be better. But these men are being bribed to say words like “ Nigerian youths endorse president Jonathan for second term” and the question is, who are these Nigerian youths?

My Memory by Vincent Ajise

My memory of you
Are tales of missing cowries
That were used to finance poverty,
Unemployment and the bellies of your progenies;

They are days when elegies
Were sang to the Naira

My memory of you
Are pangs of virgins used as polygamous animals
By an infidel who has only one testicle;
They are dreams of posterity offered as sacrifices
To an anonymous god of bombs

My memory of you

They are simply climes of pious depravity
That disvirgined the sacredness of public office

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