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2015 Elections: A Coming Of Age Experience by Chibuihe-Light Obi

Dawn returned to Nigeria in 1999, after years of mid-nighty darkness in the iron fist of the military. I was five the year Abacha died and six the next year when the fourth Republic was inaugurated after the 1999 general elections. I cannot recall all the events of that year, yet there are significant ones I cannot forget: like the campaign posters taped to trees or stuck to walls or strewn along the rough, dusty roads of our village,
like the shrill howls of megaphones, on our way back from school, blaring party songs, slogans and symbols: ole ebeanyi ga-ebinye aka? Ebe esere mbalari ! Ebe esere oka! ,
like the boxes of matches and salts and maggi cubes and meagre cups of rice measured out to every adult who presented a voter card.
And, am sure, too, there was an ominous silence that thickened in the air that Saturday as every adult in our compound trooped out, because they wanted change and yet, were afraid of history being repeated. The June 12,1993 annulment was still alive, a haunti…

Two Poems by Wazani Ijarafu

Love is like a fabic

Woven by nature,

Love is like a fabric.

When on pilgrimage,

Love is like a missionary.

When the lily blossom,

Love is like a flower.

When the sky is blue,

Love is like the moon.

This fabric finely knitted

With me doing the wearing,

I set out for a journey

On pilgrimage to Africa

This flower neatly dressed,

With me doing the holding

My journey is a blessing

To people of Africa

Arriving she shores of Africa

They rejoiced with great merriment

For a flowery fabric

Has reached their shores

Most Virtuous of Women*

My Saharan lady,

Most gentle of women.

Most caring of women;

Most beautiful of women,

Most virtuous of women,

Your great appearance

Makes the eyes of cunning men betray them.

With your jeweled necklace,

You glitter in greenness,

To the amazement of the stars

Welcome me to your hut

Whose door is made of the finest of Cedars

That I may behold the beauty of nature

Pleasing is the fragrance of your perfume.

Your beautiful poise in glide supreme,

Gives such a vista honed as from heaven.

Let your heart …