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MR LECTURER by Chibuihe Obi

A Letter to My Lecturer

I write to you with rage, following the event of yesterday: the
pronouncement, barring me from coming to your lectures, because of my
Afro hairstyle. In your own words, "Afro hairstyle defines indecency
and preludes an irresponsible lifestyle."
Wow! Such fine words, made more finer by your mismatched foreign
accent which is neither American nor European. And, definitely, not

All night, my mind rode down the rough road of those fine words,
rounding their bends, navigating every treacherous corner in them. And
with utter dismay I found out that, like every other fine words you
have ever spoken since I came across you in this University, this too,
was a cesspit of shit - loud, bogus and illogical. A thing uttered for
the cheap sake of jaw wagging. A mega nonsense!

There are lots of things that define indecency, and if you can for
once be true to your certificate, you will know that a lush Afro,
jet-black and well cared for is not one of them.

I am a humble stu…


Thank you so much for stopping by. Yes, thank you. I really appreciate. I hope you don’t sleep off out of boredom as you partake in this ride. My ride.
Before I hit the nail, let me go biblical. I hope talking bible stories is not yet an offence punishable by death. Ok? Let’s talk then.
I grew up listening to the story of the apostle of Christ named Thomas or Didymus which means the twin. Thomas is well remembered whenever the story of the resurrection of Jesus Christ is told—he is that apostle that after been told by his master that he would be killed but on the third day would rise from the dead—just like that—still did not believe when the much talked about resurrection happened. His doubt, clearly, indicated that he never believed his master, Jesus, when the man was talking about resurrection all along; Thomas must be saying in his heart then, what the hell is this man even saying? Anyway, let us watch and see how it will all end. It must really be a sign of madness to him when afte…