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Heart of Darkness is a novel by Joseph Conrad ostensibly set in Africa. In the novel Marlow, who for me is a fictional extension of Conrad himeslf, travels to Africa aboard a ship. The novel is a story within a story and is (as most of Conrad's writing) by no means an easy read. There is a number of Reasons for this:

First, you consider the fact that Marlow is telling a group of sailor friends, gathered on a boat on the River Thames in England, about a voyage he once took to the 'heart of darkness' -- in other words, Africa. Marlow is a regular conciet/technique in most of Conrad's work; Conrad employs this character over and over again in his trademark story-within-story technique.

Second, Conrad is a sentence level writer. He pays painstaking attention to the poetic impact of his sentences, hence his sentences are long, ponderous, and descriptive (the distinguished critic FR Leavis pointed out Conrad's 'adjectival insistence'. In fact Conrad used lots of ad…