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ADEBAYO by Alagbe Omotayo

 (Image by Artist Carol Brown)

"Hi" I greeted
"Hi" she replied sharply
We exchanged the pleasantries in a more casual way on the first day of the camping with my khaki still as new as a royal garment.
I kept reminiscing on how I have missed the golden chance of flirting with this damsel and wished to have a moment with her; never had the opportunity of flirting with a lady in my entire life. I was a book worm in school.
"Hey pretty princess" I cried out amidst multitude of corps members during the orientation.
She turned, there and then it dawned on me how beautiful she was in her khaki. Her facial appearance was well toned like the Lilly of the valley, her tit was around 30D and her body composition was well structured and perfected by He who created that awesome being. A devoted Christian would complement her nature and she was a true epitome of beauty.
She answered with a glowing smile and the whitest of teeth I had ever seen "how are you doi…

The Painter's Hands by Onawale Femi


The hand of the painter,moving here and there

Giving the paper a new destiny to bear

The ink enfolds the paper with loving care

Its perfection holds the eye in long stare

It speaks of what is: a reality

It tells tale of that which cannot be:  a miracle

Tales which might never be till eternity

That reaches the soul without obstacle

A work of Art that rolls drop of love down our eyes

That moulds the face to a smile,to shine with our teeth

And grips the heart to a tighten,to let out a sigh

Setting free that long lock away,and Our being start to breath.