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Interview with author Ifesinachi Okoli Okpagu

BBR: We would love to know how growing up was like.

Growing up was fun. I am the first of five children, so there was never the opportunity to be 'alone'...there would always be someone in your space (laughs), but it was great. When I think of my childhood days, I think of Lucky Dube and Everly Brothers; of sunshine pouring in through yellow curtains in the morning; and of gardens of tomatoes and roses, no- we had gardens of tomatoes and pepper outside. I think of a playground with crisp yellow sand, the voices of children floating, ringing; bicycles, lots of cycling bicycles; I think of sweat. Those days, children smelled of sweat and sunshine, not air conditioning. 

BBR: How do you combine writing with family life and work and all that.

I find a way to dedicate time to everyone and everything I hold dear. I don't joke with family time, same way I don't joke with work time or writing time. I schedule everything nicely on my calendar and dedicate 100% to each …

JOY by Okwuchi Uzosike

(Featured photo from: Artist Carol Brown)

It didn't matter how many stories that have circulated before then, it didn't matter how many names she had assumed nor how many appointments she had been to. Nothing seemed to matter anymore, Joy felt an inward force, something that pvoed stronger than anything she could handle. At times she had to make up instant stories about herself, no she wasn't Nigerian, and no the name isn't Joy but Evelyn, which the Italian pronounced Evalina, then shortened it to Eva. It often amazed her how she could change and rewrite destiny, like  pieces on a chessboard, assuming the identities of countries she sure never would visit.

But the distress of that night was about the guy that would never shut up, Joy sat with her heart in her mind, she had come in from an 'outing', and it didn't end like the other ones where she would force her mind to forget, just forget, the power of the mind, Joy likened her mind to the blackboard on which…