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Interview with Cheta Igbokwe

BBR: Please we will like to know about your background, growing up and living.

Cheta Igbokwe: I grew up with my parent in Owerri, Imo State. I am from a family of six and I happened to be the last Child of my Parent. As the last child, growing up was fun, I learnt a lot from my four brothers and a sister. Their views and experiences really shaped me.

BBR: When did you start writing?

Cheta Igbokwe: Unlike many writers, I do not claim to have started writing from my Mother’s womb. (Laughs). But I think, the age of seven will be closer to the truth. I made stories with illustrations which my grandmother loves to read.

BBR: What was the first thing you ever wrote?

Cheta Igbokwe: First thing? (Laughs).it will be really difficult to talk about the first thing I have ever written, but I can only remember the first my writing was published. My writing was first published in the 10th edition of the Searchlight Magazine, under the editorship of Peter- Divine Akujobi and the moderation of Justin Opar…

At The Strike of Noon by Okwuchi Uzosike

Mind like a disaster scene
Scattered carcasses half
devoured by the vultures
Feels like a field of thorns
uncertain where to set foot
poor ravaged little heart
leaking down to the bowel
like squeezed in the devil's palm
This here your words
We would live till we die
deadened little heart
Sailing the dark gray waters
along a thousand unsettled
and tormented once mortal spirits.

Okwuchi Uzosike writes from Milan, Italy.