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A New Writer

Today we are introducing a new writer. We have been following Amarachi Mbagwu Chilaka on social media. Her writings, curiously personal, always carry pent-up feelings in them. Her stories are always full of emotion, restraint, sensitivity and courage.  To read her is to understand what it really means to be female in an African society, to carry the burden of femaleness and otherness in a deeply patriarchal milieu.

We hope to bring many of her works to our readers. Below is her short essay on why she writes.

Why I Write by Amarachi Mbagwu Chilaka

There's an emptiness in me, an emptiness that only words (spoken or written) can fill. An emptiness that keeps me from the world and makes me feel cold even when the world is rotating at its highest and the sun shinning at its highest. The quest to fill that emptiness is the reason I write...

I live in a world where some things I want to do, the feelings I want to have, the sadness and the happiness I want to feel, the love I want to give a…