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It was few hours to my thirteenth birthday when Aunty Flo knocked hard on my door. I was young: an innocent mind, a flat chest, and a mind filled with the singular belief instilled in me by my mother and my teacher at school that pregnancy would happen from the moment I let my body touch that of an opposite sex. I hadn’t a brother, it was easier not to mingle.    It was the 31st day of March, 2008, in Mbiase. The weather was hot from the scorching sun absorbing the wetness of the earth. My house was lonely, for everyone had gone about their daily businesses and I was left alone with my cousins-one my age and the other younger. Being a loner, it was the very moment I loved most-the silence and the sweet tiny sounds of the birds of the earth who would immediately flap their wings and fly as far as they could when I got closer without knowing I was harmless.      The drama of the later hours of the afternoon of that fateful day unfolded with pains and aches an inch or more below my bellybu…

Onitsha: Home of Exiles, Place of Dreams by Chimezie Chika

I emerged from the big Diamond Bank branch where I had gone to withdraw a token for my mother and went towards the overpass (or crossover, as some people called this bridge that did not cross the road horizontally but followed the road's vertical trajectory). ​

The evening sky, giving way to the encroaching night, was tinged a pink-orange and, against it, with the dark outlines of the ubiquitous electric poles and telephone pylons, electric lights from streetlights shown along the busy road, lock-up shops, and along the numerous closely packed three-, four-, five-, and six-storey apartment buildings, some of which were so old the plumbing dripped with sewage and weed grew luxuriant on the roofs.​

There were many new ones too: with their neat fa├žades and Greco colonnades. Trailer trucks groaned overhead on the bridge and carried their mammoth vehicular mass with remarkable speed; but beneath the huge concrete pillars of the bridge there was life happening.   Just under the bridg…