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Roy Udeh-Ubaka: His 10 photos of Owerri, and His Photography Life

Here is Roy Udeh-Ubaka, one of the photographers whose photos made it into the best photos shot at the just concluded Owerri Photo Walk. His 10 best photos and a short interview we did of him is here. Enjoy.

See Ikenna Ogbenta's 10 Best Pictures of Owerri

We made a call for entries for young photographers to send in their 10 best photos of Owerri, young photographers who would join in the just concluded Owerri Photowalk. At the photowalk, they gather, take routes, set forth with their cameras to capture all the moving stories they could find in the small town of Owerri. This is the second year of the Photo Walk and here is Ikenna Ogbenta, who doubled as the organizer and crew member had these pictures sent into our mail for consideration, and an interview here. Enjoy. 

Oluebube Okafor's 5 Best Photos of Owerri

Last two weeks, we made a call for entry to feature young photographers on Black Boy Review with the 10 best photos they would capture in the just concluded Owerri Photo Walk, where people of same mind gather and select routes to take pictures of Owerri and tell their own stories according to the views they like.Therefore, we have selected 3 photographers, one of them being Oluebube Okafor. The pictures here belongs to her. And we did a short interview on her. We will put up the works of the others soon.

1. How would you talk about the Owerri Photo Walk. It was fun and educative. It was more than what I expected. I encountered photography online via Facebook seeing the works of Neec, Kamnelechukwu Susan and Victor Adewale. I was thrilled, the pictures were fascinating and I wanted to do something likewise.2. Where were your best places during the walk, and which area of photography do you find so much interesting? Around the mosque, Douglas road. Yes. I started off with nature photogra…