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When Birds Flutter by Ejiro Edward

One does not know when they begin to move,the BIRDS are always there, hiding under the tree, seeking protection and shelter, from the harshness of the Sun like I do, but in my case the realities of life.

Am dressed in black attire today, the one I was able to borrow from my neighbor, although she keeps looking for it each time I pass by, I try to ignore her.
ignorant people,
I like black and they don't know black is for people like me, people who are comfortable with birds and communicate freely with them.

I live under the tree
The birds are my neighbors.
The birds perch on the fruits and are kind enough to drop some for me
And we like to chirp because it makes communication easy
People think am mad, for talking with birds but I understand the birds, and the birds they remind me of my childhood
Of snowwhite
Of happily ever after
Of happily never after.

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