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The Ghost of Aunty Ebi by Okey Anya

“Oh my God, yes there. Oh my God, yes there!” She prayed repeatedly. Her eyes closed, her head thrown backwards.Her prayer was not like my mum’s. I’ve watched and listened to my mother pray all my life. This woman prayed differently.She sat on the water closet toilet, her long legs wide apart like a pregnant woman ready for a push, her mouth open like an asthmatic patient in need of urgent oxygen, and her breath fast, so fast like she was going to drop dead any minute.
The bathroom was a little dark, partly illuminated by the light coming from the small window.  Who prays naked in a dark bathroom? I wondered.
I first met Aunty Ebi when we moved to a new neighborhood, after my dad died in a car crash. I was six. 
She is was a tall, dark muscular woman with eyes like that of the Kungfu Panda. She lived alone in a small apartment in the compound adjacent our house. She was my mum’s friend and was very kind and jovial. She came to our own apartment every Saturday to help mum with kitchen…

The Specification of Human Rights : An LGBT Prospectus by Chimezie Chika

I want to specify human rights. This is not an attempt to insult anybody's intelligence. Far from it, I see the need to steer the vehicle of rights agitations on to what i think should be the right path. In doing this a problem must be identified and it is the very acknowledgement and recognition of this problem that sets everything to some kind of fulfillment or actualization.
What we are doing now as a nation is denying what has been a part of us for centuries before the coming of the Europeans. We are currently springing a bouquet of denials and smugly congratulating ourselves for exorcising an 'alien' spirit. What we have neglected in our impetuosity and rashness--or just simply refused to acknowledge--is that even the yardsticks with which we decide what is right or wrong are completely foreign.
This is how a group of devious and mischievous miscreants had begun a vendetta against history. It is like having this beauty spot on your forehead but each time someone points…

A Review of Ogechi Ezeji's Eclipse of Justice by Ifesinachi JP Nwadike

Title – Eclipse of Justice Author -      Ogechi Ezeji Page -        195 Year of Publication – 2017 Reviewer – Ifesinachi Johnpaul Nwadike It is gradually picking a trendy blaze for individuals to court one of the genres of literature as a conduit for the appraisal or otherwise of his or her profession, especially when such individual is not “schooled” in the area of literature but creatively delves into the field and scurry home an artistic point. One of such contemporary Nigerian writer/professional is Dami Ajayi, whose publication of Clinical Blues (2014) heralded the arousal of the creative orgasm of medical practitioners, as well as other professionals, in the business of literature and poetry in particular. Hence, one is not taken aback at all to have a poetry collection from a legal practitioner, who, as a matter of fact bagged both B.A. and M.A degrees in the Literature department.