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Interview: Bibi Ukonu Releases a New Book on Social Inclusion of the Lagos Urban Poor.

It's a beauty to have. And this is why 50% of my royalties will be donated to organizations that fight for the urban poor and neglected in Nigerian cities
BBR: Congratulations Binyerem, we are so happy to see a new book from you after quite a long wait. Last was THE WATER WAS HOT and now, THINGS THAT START SMALL BUT SWEET. We love your titles. There’s this sentence structure in them. Was there anything behind the long silence? And what’s your idea for sentence-like titles? Any definite reason for your choice?

Bibi: Thank you so much. I'm glad too. My silence? I gave up as a creative writer at a time. I thought it was time to face family, which remains more important to me. You know my kids are quite young, and I've always had this kind of idea about raising kids. I prioritize everything I do, and I decided it was not time for me to continue touring the world with books in my hands. I muted that part of my life to my gain. You know I'm also an architect, and then a facili…

Black - Chroma of Wealth by Tola Ijalusi

I see colours. deep dust brown
   Colour of Earth
crystal clear
   Colour of aqua
clean white
   Colour of snow
ranging rainbow
   Colour of fire
Colours of the world
I see them all at a sight. But here is an imbue
a chroma of wealth
deeply spread across Earth
hue of our pride
    of our heritage
    of our land
    of our home
healthy colour of opulence
    my skin colour.

TolaIjalusi is a Poet, Reviewer and Editor.His works has appeared on Kalahari Review, Tuck Magazine, The Poet Community, PAROUSIA Magazine and elsewhere. He enjoys Reggae and Country Music. He blogsat