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Two Artists in One Conversation : Darlington Meets Brigitte

INTERVIEWEE: Brigitte Poirson, a former teacher and university lecturer in languages in France and England, has published seven books. A multiple award-winning poet, she has also been included in magazines and anthologies, and in “the Europe 500” and “Who’s Who in the World”. After managing and publishing the Via Grapevine poetry series in South Africa, she now promotes African literature as an editor. She offers poetry contests with WordsRhymes&Rhythm, the largest poetry platform in Nigeria and a publishing house. She occasionally organizes poetry workshops in France with a group of authors, “les Plumes Comtoises”. INTERVIEWER: Darlington Chibueze Anuonye, a 2018 Cesar Edigo Serrano Foundation Ambassador of the Word for Nigeria, is the Director, Aba Creative Writing Workshop. He won the 2011 FECA Prize for Literature and was shortlisted in 2016 by the Ibadan Poetry Foundation for its inaugural mentoring and writing residency. Anuonye holds a degree in English Language Education fr…

Book Cover Analysis : Crocodile Girl

Crocodile Girl - Sam Omatseye

Dear book lovers,  we have unboxed 5 books from Parresia publishers, so we are starting to talk about the book covers of all the five books one after the other.
The first in line is the Crocodile Girl by Sam Omatseye. Our analysis is based on major components as:
1. Cover feel:
The cover is smooth,  smooth as bottle or a Television screen. You feel peace when you run your fingers across.
2. Text design
The text : Crocodile Girl could have been more beautiful if justified, as in, placed right in the middle. The font of the title and author's name are same,  which is fine. I understand the font was also on purpose, but the text balance isn't that amazing. An amazing thing was the thickness you feel when you touch the text,  the title text. You could close your eyes and run your fingers and find out the text was "Crocodile Girl" without being told.
3. Art:
The art on the cover is something abstract. A slavery symbol if you look closely.…