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The Last Time I Went to a Party Was Two Years Ago - Hannu Afere


     Can you tell us something about your new book, anything at all, a summary you would tell a child. TRINITY is the story of Nigeria by Nigerians. It's set in an alternate reality that has a bit of everything. There's sci fi, there are elements of horror. It's a thriller. But most importantly there's a lot of political drama in there.
What was the science behind your characters? How did you come up with them? Totally fictional? How do you select their names? Some of the characters are based off of real life people. Both historical figures and contemporary heroes. I think that anyone who is a student of government or who is conversant with Nigerian politics will be able to see these things
What is the one big message you were trying to pass to your readers? A revolution has begun. A literary revolution. A political revolution. And we are using comics as a medium. Comic books are not just for children.
Who would you think your story would appeal to the most? The politically …

You Can't Get Rich Writing in Nigeria -Okey Anya

Can you tell us about your new book?

Before the Other Day is a fiction novel set in Lagos, Port Harcourt, Sydney (Australia) and a fictional Ukata village in Southeastern Nigeria.
It’s a book that shines light on major challenges women face in Africa, especially Nigeria.
It’s a story of a Nigerian woman of Igbo extraction and her struggle against a certain culture in Igboland. A culture that was put in place by some ignorant individuals to put her down and limit her from becoming all she wants to become.

What was the science behind your characters? How did you come up with them? Totally fictional? How did you select their names?

Some of my characters are totally fictional, and some are friends and people I’ve had the opportunity to interact with in the past.
There is also a little part of me in the book.

My protagonist is an Igbo young lady named Kosi (Kosisochukwu). I chose that name because I wanted a name with a direct connection with the part of Igbo I was writing about.
Before the…