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We Won't Fade Into Darkness - A quick look.

We Won’t Fade Into Darkness is collection of speculative short stories, mostly on a poisonous gas, Nigerium (a name I particularly love), and the struggles to survive in a world without balance. Nigerium may stand as our choices, as our political leaders, as anything that makes us barely alive, that makes us strive too hard to survive. As I read the first story, Pretty Bird, what I thought was ‘Tj, I adore your imagination’ I loved The Killing Mountain. I don’t know how TJ imagined all of that, but it was emotional. Brilliant. Fierce. I found Jidenna theatrically boring. I thought that Room 101 was going to take me on a fantastic ride, but after the beginning part, it shocked me with a certain kind of traditional dullness that comes with some speculative fiction. I liked Life In Earth for its flow and questions and how it ended, but I didn’t like it for only showing us beautiful things without actually saying anything. Passion Fruit was completely beautiful. Like I said before, I lov…