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The Cover of Bura Bari Nwilo’s “THE COLOR OF A THING BELIEVED”

Bura Bari Nwilo’s new book is colorful, and that may be the reason we are so much interested in looking at what really is on the cover of this colorful book, and even when it has the word - ‘color’ in the title.
We just unboxed from Griots Lounge and the bookish smell alone dragged us into doing a cover analysis. THE COLOR OF A THING BELIEVED is one of those books you can spend your money on just because of the gleam from  the cover design.
As usual, see our judgement, because, here, we like to judge a book by its cover. 
1. Cover feel and texture: Matte, smooth, a little glossy.
2.Text design : The fonting looks intentional as it depicts a level of artistry, especially, color art. There is also the great idea of stylishly presenting the text in assorted fonts.
3. Art: The Cover has an art base. There is a flow of dry black and white grasses at the top, and a painter’s brush dipped in yellow color that started the title text. To some extent, the cover art may not be well defined.
4. Layout …

What is On the Cover of “THE SON OF THE HOUSE”

Dear book lovers of all kinds, we are excited to talk about a new book out from Penguin South Africa. As you all know, one of our major interests at BLACK BOY REVIEW is reviewing and analyzing African book cover designs.
So, we will tell you what we see on the cover of THE SON OF THE HOUSE by Cheluchi Onyemelukwe Onuobia.
Like other of our past analysis, we are judging by:
1. Cover feel and texture 2. Text design 3. Art 4. Layout balance 5. Color Combination 6. Weather resilience 7. Ease of ownership and carriage.
1. Cover feel and texture: Matte. There is a mat design as the background theme.
2. Text design: Red color and threaded. The title is a collection of dots forming texts.
3. Art : The woman with a bowl of yellow car and a sewing machine and cock on her head reminds us of art. He is in a full African attire, and a real African cock. We would have loved an African friendly sewing machine  like “singer”. But this is not bad. It put on it, a mix of local and international. The wrapper on the…

Cover Design Analysis : Hallowed by Chibuihe Achimba

We are caught by the cover photograph most especially, as it celebrates the male body, in a peaceful state.
1. Cover feel and texture : Matte, dull surface, non glossy feel.
2. Text design : 100 % balancing and organized fonting.
3. Art: The male body in black and white caught us all. It’s some victory extent. We hardly see male bodies as this on book covers. This may be part of a breakthrough that is yet to be adorned.
4. Layout balance : Shape of square in both horizontal and vertical formats.
5. Color Combination: Black, yellow, white.
6. Weather resilience: Might not survive rain or water at any point. It lacks gloss.
7. Ease of ownership : Light weight, heavy content. No large KG. Easy to carry around, in taxis and in buses. 30 paged.
8. Cover design by Caseyrenee Lopez

9. Cover pgotograph by Sam Burriss, via

10. Model, Daniel