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Indeed, Rain Can Never Know – A Review by Oyindamola Olofinlua

It was Albert Einstein, the genius theoretical physicist that said imagination is more important than knowledge because while the latter has a limit, the former knows no limit. While knowledge can take one from point A to B, imagination can take one everywhere. And of all the areas of possible manifestations of imagination, creative writing presents one of the greatest outlets, through which things that are not are invoked as though they were – and as a matter of fact come into existence subsequently.
In the last few years, one Creative whose name has rung a bell in many quarters for his imaginative adventures using the instrumentality of storytelling to create new worlds is the Bayelsa-born, now Canada-based Nigerian writer, Michael Afenfia.
Having written professionally for more than a decade now, Afenfia is not new to exploring fresh creative fields. From his first novel, When the Moon Caught Fire; to the second, A Street Called Lonely; the third, Don’t Die on Wednesday; the fourth,