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Fantasy Beyond Boundaries: With Chio Zoe, Author, Memory of Stone.

Chio Zoe is a fantasy writer and the author of Memory of Stone – with more to come.She writes a broad array of fantasy inspired by multiple cultures and folklore across the world.
Chio was born and educated in Nigeria. Her free time in secondary school – when she wasn’t training as an athlete – was used to write stories in different genres such as children’s horror, paranormal, romance, which she shared with classmates. Her unpublished children’s horror gained the interest of a publishing house, which led her on a path to writing professionally.
You can often find her bent over her laptop working on her books, or with her nose in a sketchpad coming up with new clothing designs for her fashion line.
She has a YouTube channel Chio Zoe writes dedicated to teaching writers, reviewing books, and promoting the reading culture in Nigeria.

Hello Chio.You recently published a young-adult fantasy novel, Memory of Stone, and from the blurb, one can tell that it is the  explorationof the lives two ma…

Full Journal: Paxadoxical Continuities in Singularity by Ikenna Ugwu

Use the link below to download and read the full journal:DOWNLOAD HERE

Also read our interview with Ikenna Ugwu on June 13, 2020 on everything about this journal.You are also free to send us your honest feedback on

Jesutomisin's WINDOWS is a New Collection to Deconstruct Style & Language

'Jesutomisin Ipinmoye is a writer. Or an engineer. The answer varies depending on whom you ask. He's excited to call himself an author, but he spends very little of his time actually writing and more time watching youtube videos of authors and people who talk about books. Speaking of books, his debut is a collection of short stories he spent three years writing. He's incredibly proud of them and so you can be sure he'll bring them up in every conversation until he can be bothered to start writing something else. He is surrounded by several close friends and family who tell him he's the shit constantly. Should you have any problems with the quality of his work, take it up with them. They're the source of his self-confidence, and he's grateful for them. 
He's currently in Abeokuta, Nigeria, plotting what else to write about.'

See our interview with Jesutomisin below:
Hi Jesutomisin, it’s quite a huge blessing to be talking to you. I have just finished re…